Hey, my name is Fernando! I’m a UX Designer and Content Creator, based in Montreal, Canada.

I have a bachelor’s degree on Graphic Design and throughout my whole university education I was mostly invested on web design related projects, probably due to my high inclination for the tech side of things. Worth mentioning that my final paper was about user-centered design, which shaped the way I design user experiences to this day.

During my career I worked on many different fields of design (and related), being web and branding the two most frequent, but I also had experiences with printing, social media and package design. And due to my interests and hobbies (that come from even before university) I had opportunities to work with full site integrations using CMS software like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress, on many different occasions, including freelancer projects.

I consider myself a tech savvy guy (the one who is always requested by friends whenever a pc crashes). I grew up around video games, computers and all other kinds of gadgets and my passion for design came along naturally, since it’s a very crucial part of how I experience these products, specially in tech where a very good user interface can make a world of a difference.